Saturday, May 17, 2014


I recently ran the West Point 5K and finished in 34:02. I took the picture below as I crossed the finish line.  Later, I posted the picture on Twitter  from my RWB account (Excuse the typo). 

It reads “Fastest 5 K in a long time. Some runners laugh at me… My Team RWB teammates were highfiving me.”

That says it all. I am a Wounded Warrior and the internal injury I suffered in Iraq limits how fast I can run. I am happy with a 34:02 but there are others who would not dare show up for a race if they had times like this. In the past I have had other runners who are not aware of my injury make fun of my race time.  I have learned to ignore it and when these people find out about my injury they usually feel pretty terrible and apologize.  In this particular race as I approached the finish line, my fellow Team RWB teammates were cheering me on ( as they did for everyone) and highfived me after I crossed.

You see, with Team RWB, it is ok to be wounded, no matter what it is. In the words of Brene Brown “Vulnerability is Courage”.  We encourage everyone to show up because all that matters is finishing the race.

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