Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Alive Day 2014

Ten years ago today, April 9th, 2004, I led my platoon in an attack across Bridge 3 spanning the Tigris River (See Picture below) in the Iraqi city of Al Kut in order to seize the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) compound that had been seized several day priot by members of the Mahdi Militia. During the assault 10 soldiers, to include myself and 3 attachments were wounded (Read more here).

Bridge 3 East in Al Kut, Iraq

So after 10 years, several triathlons, thousands of meters rowing, a boat load of "Crushit!" Workouts and a billion slam ball throw downs I am still ticking when I run.  

I consider today my “Alive Day” and could think of no better way to celebrate life then to do a workout with a bunch of FIRED UP RWBer's. That is exactly what I did. The workout is below.

Team RWB- West Point at "Alive Day" WOD on April 9th 2014

9 Stations – Each exercise is 9 reps followed by a 50 yard sprint- Do this 4 times per station. The 9 stations are for each of the soldiers that were wounded ( Minus myself. This is about them, not me). The 9 reps is for the date, April 9th. The 4 times per station comes from  April being the 4th  month. The workout will be 20 minutes and 04 seconds for the year 2004.
Example- Box Jumps
9 box Jumps, 50 yard sprint
9 box jumps, 50 yard sprint,
9 box jumps, 50 yard sprint,
9 box jumps 50 yard sprint- move to next station and repeat again

Battle Ropes
Box Jump
Kettle Bell Swings
Leg raises
Slam ball/Steel bell slams
Dead lifts
Air Squats
Weighted carry- Use a weight plate or slamball.

The best part of this workout was the people working out with me. My fellow Team RWBer’s are committed tp enriching the lives of Veterans by connecting them to community through physical and social activity. Taking care of our Veterans once they are home is what is most important.

In combat there is no wording in an Army mission statement that states a leader has to bring all their soldiers back unharmed and alive for a mission to be considered successful.  The nature of our profession is inherently risky and when engaging enemy forces in direct fire combat there is a good chance that a soldier could be wounded or killed. When soldiers ( and all service members) return home they deserve the support of the American people in helping them transition back to life stateside.  

George Washington said “The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve...shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the Veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation.” One way to show appreciation is to join an organization like Team Red, White, and Blue and help Veterans connect to their communities.

Killer Troop 3/2 ACR Leads the Way! Toujours Pret!


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