Sunday, February 2, 2014

Physical Fitness is "Hard Work Work"

Staying physically fit can be hard work., especially in the winter. I know I need a little extra motivation to get out in the cold and CRUSH IT in the snow.

It helps to be part of a workout group, a team that holds me both accountable and motivates me to push myself. I am a Wounded Warrior and not very fast anymore. But it is not about speed, it is about showing up and giving 100%. I do that everyday, and am surrounded by people that do the same.

Physical fitness should be fun and it is important that people do physical activities they enjoy. If running isn’t enjoyable then maybe rowing, cycling, crossfit, or cycling is.  The key is to find an enjoyable activity, and join a group that does it on a regular basis. Team Red, White, and Blue offers a variety of workout options to its members, from cycling to trail running. The great thing about Team RWB is that members always do these activities as a group, enjoying the hard work together. 

One of my favorite Army cadences is “Hard Work”.  I put together a short video that plays to the cadence. 

Stay STRONG in 2014!!

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