Sunday, November 24, 2013

Another Victory- Completing the Fenway Spartan. AROO!!!

Last weekend I raced in the Fenway Spartan and  won another victory in my continuous fight to CRUSH adversity, and deal with the challenges of being a wounded warrior. Racing with me were my family, and Team Red, White, and Blue.I was wearing the Team RWB Eagle and carrying Old Glory the whole way.

I am from the Boston area originally, so doing this race was a homecoming of sorts. I graduated from Newton North High School and one of my classmates, Tina, was racing as well. This was her first Spartan and she CRUSHED IT. 

Check out her Spartan post here: It was cool knowing another Newton North Tiger was out on the course as well. 

I have successfully completed the Spartan challenge before in Burnette, TX. This race was different from that one since it was in Fenway Park, a baseball stadium and not in the beautiful back country of Texas.  I knew I would not get as muddy as I did in Texas, but knew this would be challenging anyway since in a stadium the only way to run is up.  

Once the race started it proved to be a challenge right away. Event though we were in a stadium we were still crawling under and jumping over obstacles. Old Glory was flying high the whole way,and as the RWB wave hit the obstacles there was great examples of teamwork helping get the flag over the obstacles.  

When we failed obstacles, the penalty was 30 burpees so there was plenty of company in the burpee area. . If you do not know what a burpee is watch this Spartan video: 
Crossing the finish line with old Glory was truly an AWESOME feeling. 

As I stated in previous posts, I win every time I cross the finish line. For those that don't agree, I invite you to race with me, or another wounded warrior/Veteran, and find out what is like to be in our shoes, CRUSHING adversity daily. 

I am not racing in another Spartan for a while, but I am looking forward to watching the Spartan Championships on December 7th. Click here for the event page on Facebook


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