Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More COWBELL Please!

The sound of COWBELL was everywhere at the Team RWB Rowathon last Saturday hosted by Crossfit Tritown in Monroe, Connecticut.  Throughout the competition participants rang cowbells to motivate their teams and others.

A total of 67 participants formed 9 relay teams that rowed 50,000 meters each. The Rowathon was a great event that brought together Active Duty service members, Veterans, and community members  for a great cause.

Rowing 50,000 meters is no small feat. As rowers dropped the hammer and neared the finished the cowbells were.back. When teams completed the relay they gathered around the other teams and cheered them on.  One Crossfit TriTown member said “My biggest accomplishment was surviving the Rowathon and completing a 5k this past weekend.” 

The event left its mark on the participants in other ways. I tick when I run and also when I row. Many participants heard me ticking during the event and inquired about it. Sharing my story with them reinforced that Wounded Warriors are Warriors and not victims.

Team RWB recently posted this challenge “We all have the opportunity to leave our mark in some way---how are YOU leaving your mark?”    I know I left my mark at  Crossfit TriTown this weekend as did the rest of my Team RWB teammates.

 Looking forward to the next event. FIRED UP!!!

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