Friday, October 25, 2013

Alive Day WOD- Get Involved

On Tuesday, October 22nd  I had the honor of participating in an “Alive Day” WOD for CPT Ed “Flip” Klein. He was wounded on 22 OCT 2012.  The workout was a celebration of life as participants pushed themselves , CRUSHING IT in honor of Flip (If you would like to make a donation to support the building of Flip's Smart Home follow this link and then scroll down and look for "Edward Klein"

The workout was as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 min of the following exercises:
20 min AMRAP
20 thrusters (95/135)
20 pull-ups
20 burpees
1 tire "FLIP"
*All exercises can be scaled*

I met Flip this past August at the West Point triathlon. Other than talking to him briefly I did not know much about him. Before we kicked off the WOD , Benjamin Hartig, a classmate and friend of Flip said a few words.

 Ben also shared a few other things with me about Flip and by the end of the WOD I knew a great deal more about him.  And that is the POINT of this post. “Alive Day” WODs are a great way  to connect Veterans and community members. Alive Day workouts can be an event that lets the local community know more about the wounded Veterans that served and live among them.

If you want to get involved with an Alive Day WOD e-mail me at:

Start Strong! Never Quit! Stay FIRED UP!

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