Sunday, August 11, 2013

“Yep, that is me ticking!”

I was recently working out with a couple of friends and during a break between rounds one of my friends who is not familiar with my wounded warrior story asked me “Is there a ticking coming from you?”  I laughed and said “ Yep, that is me ticking!” I proceeded to share with him howI was wounded,  and despite the bleak outlook from the medical team, how I recovered and beat the odds both continuing to serve in the Army and continue participating in endurance sports.

I also shared with him  (which is the purpose of this post) that I had some dark days but ultimately I knew it was up to me to recover  and get back on my feet. In combat I took the hit and got back up on my feet to continue the fight, I had to do the same to recover and continue to live life.  Through the support of my family, friends and community I was able to get on the road to recovery and get active again.

And that is really the power of the non-profit organization I support now, Team Red, White,and Blue. They focus on connecting veterans to fellow veterans & members of their respective community through physical activity. I do not swim, bike, or run nearly as fast as I use to before I was wounded, but with team members like these it does not matter, it is all about finishing and if you finish you win.

Keep Fighting! Never Give Up!!!

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  1. You keep "crushing it," Jon. You inspire me.