Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Make Changes Not Excuses - Challenge The Baggage

Last weekend I raced in the West Point Triathlon as a father-son relay team. It was inspirational seeing the teamwork in action as Team RWB members from six different chapters.

What really got me FIRED UP was being in the company of fellow wounded/disabled warriors . These great Americans were out CRUSHING IT with other triathletes despite their injuries.

Wounded/disabled warriors like myself have to deal with the baggage of our injuries. That is where the  power of team comes in to play and organizations like Team Red, White, and Blue empower veterans whether wounded/disabled or not, to make changes not excuses. As a wounded warrior I learned to challenge the baggage I had from being wounded with the support of family and friends.

Racing with other wounded/disabled warriors is source of energy and inspiration. I am looking forward to my next race.

Keep Fighting! Never Quit!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Make Every Second Count! A Wounded Warriors Advice for the Boston Bombing Victims

I recently visited the site of the Boston Bombing  and also read this article on Wounded Warriors inspiring victims of the attack.  This caused me to reflect on my journey as a wounded warrior since I started my road to recovery over 8 years ago and ask myself “ What advice can I offer the victims?”

Reflecting on my experience, I remember at first feeling sorry for myself, feeling very angry, and generally having a poor attitude. But then I came to the realization that it was up to me to recover. My friends and family would help me along the way but ultimately it was up to me.

I came to realize that I wasting time with all the negative energy and that was a turning point. I realized every second counts!

My friend Mike Erwin recently shared this Jim Valvano quote “There are 86,400 SECONDS in a day. IT”S UP TO YOU to decide what to do with them”

Recently I spent 2,700 seconds working out with the local Team RWB chapter. In fact, I spend between 2,500 and 3600 seconds every day working out. Physical fitness is one of the best ways to turn negative energy into positive energy which will have appositive impact on those around you.

So my advice to the victims of the Boston Bombing is to make every second count.

Keep Fighting! Never Quit!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

“Yep, that is me ticking!”

I was recently working out with a couple of friends and during a break between rounds one of my friends who is not familiar with my wounded warrior story asked me “Is there a ticking coming from you?”  I laughed and said “ Yep, that is me ticking!” I proceeded to share with him howI was wounded,  and despite the bleak outlook from the medical team, how I recovered and beat the odds both continuing to serve in the Army and continue participating in endurance sports.

I also shared with him  (which is the purpose of this post) that I had some dark days but ultimately I knew it was up to me to recover  and get back on my feet. In combat I took the hit and got back up on my feet to continue the fight, I had to do the same to recover and continue to live life.  Through the support of my family, friends and community I was able to get on the road to recovery and get active again.

And that is really the power of the non-profit organization I support now, Team Red, White,and Blue. They focus on connecting veterans to fellow veterans & members of their respective community through physical activity. I do not swim, bike, or run nearly as fast as I use to before I was wounded, but with team members like these it does not matter, it is all about finishing and if you finish you win.

Keep Fighting! Never Give Up!!!