Saturday, June 8, 2013

Red, White ,and Blue Spartans- AROO!!!

Today my two boys ran a Spartan sprint race  in Tuxedo Ridge, NY. It brought back good memories from last year when I did a Spartan race in Burnet, Texas with my daughter and some friends from the area.

 But today was their day to become Spartans.

The boys were wearing the eagle , representing Team Red, White, Blue, an organization focused on enriching the lives of America's Veterans. What was really cool was that there were several other Team RWB members running the race as well, like Team RWB-NYC pictured below. This gave  a felling of camaraderie  for my boys as they raced and shared the challenges of the course.

 The race started off with all the participants sounding off with "I Am Spartan" and then the challenge began.

And the course was challenging. If you failed an obstacle the penalty was 30 burpees shown in the video below.

There was also numerous other obstacles such as the wire obstacle shown in the video below.

Overall it was a very challenging course but both my boys had a sense of accomplishment when they crossed the finish line.

Finish #1

Finish #2

The boys after finishing the race and becoming "Spartans". AROOO!!!

I am looking forward to the next Spartan race we can do as a family. They are a lot of fun, challenging, and it is a rewarding feeling when you cross the finish line. If you would like to race in a Spartan here is a URL you can use that will generate a code for 15% off any Spartan Race -


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