Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Celebrating my "Alive Day" on April 9th

Today is my “Alive Day”. Nine years ago today in the early morning hours of April 9th , 2004 I was wounded in AL Kut, Iraq (Read more here)  while leading my scout platoon in an attack against an enemy held bridge.  Recovering from the injury was a crucible event for me. Due to the nature of the injury I never regained my full speed and endurance. Over time I came to grips with that and was happy that I was still able to compete in endurance events.
The pictures show a map and picture of Bridge 3 East in Al Kut which was my platoons objective, and a picture of me shortly after the fight.

In combat you can get lost in the “Fog of War”if you do not keep focused on what is important. A person can get lost in the “Fog” as well if they do not focus on what is important in overcoming adversity and injury. For me, the ‘Fog” was trying to regain my speed. That was not what was important. What was important was that I was still able to run and that I had my family, unit, and community to support me. 

This morning I woke up and celebrated life by working out. Physical fitness, especially endurance events helps me keep a positive attitude and is a great way to burnoff negative energy. The role physical fitness has played in my life, especially in my recovery has been HUGE.  Physical fitness, especially endurance events helps me keep a positive attitude and is a great way to burn off negative energy. It helps keep me focused on what is important, helps keep my mind clear and helps bring clarity when things get "Foggy”.

When I woke up this morning and reflected on the events from nine years ago I was inspired by the actions of my soldiers that morning as they fought hard for each other and this country. Those memories motivated me to push myself hard during the workout.

Toujours Pret!! (Always Ready- My units motto)

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  1. Humbling, inspiring and encouraging. I am so thankful you are here to lead and motivate so many people, veterans and civilians alike.