Saturday, March 2, 2013

Impacting Lives of Veterans in the Dallas-FT Worth Area

This past weekend I was in the Dallas-FT. Worth area representing Team Red, White, and Blue at the Cowtown race series.  Watch the NBC Television interview here.

I was the national representative so my role was to support Team RWB-DFW and engage Veterans at the race. There is a huge amount  of support for Veterans in the DFW area and it was a pretty amazing weekend as myself and the other members of Team RWB engaged Veterans and community members. Because of the teams efforts we had over 20 Veterans register with Team RWB.

Watch the start of the race and Team RWB runners taking off with Old Glory in video below.

Equally inspiring was seeing several RWBers  running with Old Glory as well as the rest of the Team RWB members who were racing as well.

The Cowtown race was a Positive, Inspiring, and Energizing event.  I left Dallas-FT. Worth FIRED UP!!!

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