Friday, March 29, 2013

Crucible Events

A crucible is, by definition, a transformative experience through which an individual comes to a new or an altered sense of identity. ( Crucibles of Leadership, by Warren G. Bennis and Robert J. Thomas, September 2002 )

On Good Friday 2004 (April 9th, 2004) I had a Crucible experience. I was wounded (read about here)  leading an attack against the Mahdi Militia ( anti-coalition / anti-Iraqi forces). 

I work in the Center for the Advancement of Leader Development and Organizational Learning (CALDOL) at West Point and we used the diagram below in the class. When people have Crucible moments they can stay down and spin out of control or choose to develop and come out the other side better off than before they when through the Crucible event.

Left-Before Crucible: At triathlon before deploying to Iraq Center-In Crucible: After surgery for internal injury I sustained during firefight in Iraq Right-Coming out of Crucible: Competing in the 2012 West Point Triathlon

Recovering from my injury was a Crucible moment. 

About to do the 'Stairway to Heaven" workout at Arvin Gym, West Point
with Rogue fitness Sandbag kit and slamball.

I chose to recover and even though the journey  was extremely challenging, I came out the other side on higher ground a stronger person.


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