Monday, February 18, 2013

When Adversity Challenges you-CRUSH ADVERSITY

"CRUSH Adversity"- The sign hangs over my desk along with the finisher medals of all the major endurance races ( Triathlon, Running, Spartan, etc..) I have completed the last few years. The sign and the medals remind me that when adversity challenges you, you have to CRUSH Adversity! 
 That is what I have done with the help of family, friends, and community. I have continued to compete as an endurance athlete but it is not about how fast I can compete, it is about finishing the race.

In December I had surgery to repair a torn ligament in my right wrist. It has been a frustrating two months because my physical fitness options have been limited. This past week I have regained more use of my right hand. So I took it up a notch and started working out with my slam ball. It felt good to do air squats and slam ball again. A few more months I will be 100%.

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