Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 in Review- FUELED By FIRE

I have  a passion for endurance sports because they have changed my life for the better and I believe this type of physical fitness can change the lives of others. This past year I continued my adventures in endurance sports.

During 2012,I ticked my way through numerous endurance events to include the Louisiana Marathon ( I ran the half ) , the Cowtown (10K), a Spartan race, three triathlons, two WOD for Warriors, a 25 year WOD, and numerous other races. But more important than my accomplishments were the people at these events with me.

I continued my work with Team RWB, and in the process met some amazing people in the running, crossfit, trail running, and triathlon communities. As a husband and father I am very proud that my family is supporting this great organization that focuses on enriching the lives of Veterans.

Team RWB-West Point (Top)
Team RWB Trail Running Camp (Bottom)


WOD for Warriors:July 4th at Crossfit Alexandria (Top)      
Memorial Day at Little Cakes, Alexandria, La (Bottom)

I also joined an amazing  team at the Center for the Advancement of LeaderDevelopment and Organizational Learning ( CALDOL) at West Point, NY. The team works hard so every learning event we execute is a HOMERUN and the impact is a Positive, Inspiring, and Energizing experience for everyone involved.  The team believes that leader development includes physical fitness and continuously explores  challenging approaches to physical fitness covering the full spectrum of endurance sports.


2012 was FUELED by FIRE and that  will carry on in 2013!!!!!

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