Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Team Inspires!

As I monitored the numerous social media sites I belonged to over the weekend I was truly inspired by the Team Red, White, and Blue (RWB) chapters across the nation as they competed in local races or held remembrance events to remember the men & women killed on Sept 11th, 2001 and those servicemembers who have been killer or wounded in action since that day. I had the privilege of participating in one of the events, the 9/11 Remembrance 5K at West Point, NY where 40 Team RWB members came out and ran.

Through social media I monitored the other events as they happened in Texas, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Western Pennsylvania. What made this more powerful is the personal connections I have with each of these Team RWB Chapters, which really gave me the sense of shared purpose, teamwork and community. That is the power of team and the TEAM INSPIRES!

FIRED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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