Friday, July 13, 2012

Coming Off The Couch: Physical Fitness Changes Lives For The Better

Wednesday July 11th  was my last workout with the team before I head north to my new assignment at West Point.  We had a great workout- 1 Mile run, then 3 Rounds of the following exercises: 10 Log Presses, 10 Kettle Bell Swings & 10 Pushups, 10 Box Jump Burpees, 10 Tire flips followed by a burpee, 10 Sledgehammer hits (Each Side) on the big tire, 1 Mile cool down run.

(L to R) Ed,  Jacque,Vince 
One of the newest members, Vince, achieved a milestone that morning. Vince came off the couch and started working out with us about a month ago. Wednesday morning he completed the mile run for the first time. He was pretty happy and it was a great achievement. 

Vince’s achievement speaks to the power of physical fitness and being a team member in a workout group. The group pushed and encouraged Vince and held him accountable.

(L to R ) Rebecca, JAcque, Victor, Jerry, Ed, Bridget, Me (Jonathan) , Tara, Vince, Roderick

 Each week Vince showed improvement and that built his confidence. With confidence comes the courage to try something more challenging. Vince is motivated and planning on running in some endurance races this fall.  Before we know it he will be a Marathoner or Ironman Triathlete.  Everyone starts by coming off the couch. How far they go is up to them but with a team behind them there is no limit.  Read more about the power of exercise and team in this Psychology Today Blog post. 

Get off the couch and CRUSH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


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