Sunday, June 10, 2012

Indian Creek Triathlon- The Endurance Sports Community Coming Together

Today, I along with my Team RWB ( )  teammates raced in the Indian Creek Triathlon.

 It was a great race with endurance athletes from all over the Central Louisiana area coming to compete. There were other teams out there like Geaux Endurance and S3 Training, all GREAT Americans who have a passion for endurance sports and who know that physical fitness, especially endurance sports like triathlon, changes peoples lives for the better. After the race I walked around and talked to several triathletes and they all had some great stories about how endurance sports have changed their lives for the better. 

The pictures below symbolizes perfectly what  the Team RWB community is all about, veterans, community members and active duty all coming together for a common cause through a passion for endurance sports.

 In honor of veterans past and present, and for those that have made the ultimate sacrifice  for our freedom I ran the run portion with my flag I had in Afghanistan. My good friend Bridget ran with me the entire run portion carrying a flag that was flown in Iraq and my good friend Lindsay, who is a former Army Captain and Iraq veteran ran with us as well. She came back out and ran with us after CRUSHING the run. That is a true teammate.   

This particular race was the first full triathlon for my RWB teammates Lindsay and Jacque, and they both placed in their respective age groups. They are FIRED UP after running their first triathlon and it was great to see it on their faces after they finished the race. I am very proud of them.

Oliver, Roderick and Tara raced as a relay team and were out CRUSHING IT as well.

After the race we got together for a cookout and enjoyed the company and conversation in a social setting exchanging stories from this race and past races. 


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