Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Crawfishman Triathlon- Finishing With Old Glory

On May 6th I competed in the Crawfishman Triathlon in Bush, LA with Team RWB. It was brutally hot for May in Louisiana, temperatures in the 90s but it was a pretty amazing race with RWBer’s from all over the state racing.

The swim and bike portion went well. I took off on the run portion with Old Glory with two of my Team RWB teammates, Iraq veteran Lindsay Hartig, a former Army Captain (USMA '06), and Bridget Vaughn a small business owner in Alexandria, LA. As we approached the finish line the announcer sang “The Star Spangled Banner”. It was an incredible way to finish the race, crossing to the words of the National Anthem while carrying Old Glory. Watch the video below and you can hear the beginning of it.

Running with the flag is an AWESOME feeling. I run with the flag because the American Flag is unifying. It is a way to connect the community with veterans and raise awareness during endurance events like triathlons. The stars stand for the 50 states, which make up the United States of America and they lead the way into battle when we go to war.   It stands for everything America is about- Freedom, Peace, Security, Family,  and Community.  I  heard one lady comment " I can barely even make it across the finish line carrying my water bottle and he runs the whole race with a flag".

Hopefully seeing us pass by with the flag inspired her to finish.

IT’S OUR TURN!!!!!!!!!!!

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